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Our Calling

Continuing the Mission: Taking Charge of Your Life, Finding Your Calling and Your Next Profession!

Our Mission & Purpose

  • Land the Jobs and improve retention!  Provide holistic workforce development services to Veterans, National Guard Members, their families, and the industry that employs them
  • Improve purpose, relationships, resiliency, and promote  the practice of positive acceptance of civilian life
  • Compliment this work by providing business services to assist industry in recruiting, assisting,  and retaining those with military experience

Our Vision

  • Engage and support Industry to help validate that Veterans are a superior  product in the civilian workforce.
  • Evolve our program into a  self-sustaining effort that promotes Military-experienced individuals  as key to growing an employer's  workforce and
  • Extend IVET reach and impact with a set of online & personal delivery systems, bundled business service options, and consulting/coaching programs.

Key Tasks for All of Us

  • Get Military Members, regardless of background, into high demand industries such as Advanced Manufacturing, IT, Energy, Health Care,  and the Service Industry.
  • Increase employment happiness and reduce under-employment fatigue
  • Improve American corporate performance with Military Experience and Skills.
  • Educate and support Industry.  Help them build award winning programs for those with military service and help them achieve work-life balance as they transition to the workforce.
  • Define accepted and implementable best practices in  Industry, Academia, and local communities as well as for the individuals themselves.
  • Coordinate with Community Colleges, validated certificate producing institutions,  and colleges  to identify emerging approaches, support research and development, identify systematic approaches and techniques that help Industry, Academia, and Government to support this objective.

We Believe… In The Troops - In Industry - In Education

  • A National Calling - Our Nation can Build the overall strength of the workforce and the power of American productivity by better, more pragmatic, engaging  training programs.  We can recapitalize our workforce and simultaneously reduce our current under-employment as well as Unemployment rate for young Veterans and their spouses  in five years. 
  • Mass and Simplicity - This Program is one of unity, cooperation, coalition building, communication, and making a difficult process easier on our Troops.  We find successful programs and knit them together into a powerful, integrated product. We present options to simplify the process and provide an integrated set of People, Processes, Tools, Facilities, and Training to complete this process and ensure people are successful for years to come.
  • Commitment - The troops defended our freedom and put their lives on the line for us.  Now it’s our turn to help assure their family has the same level of security they assured us. Together we can make a difference.

Our Message

You can be a part of something truly special and exciting. This unique program is one that works specifically with the troops and local industry to find the best match for both and the best cost/benefit solution for the company that is hiring.  The Institute for Veterans Education and Training (IVET) is a nonprofit organization that teams with the best in the industry to meet a tough demand...

We focus on empowering Transitioning Wounded Warriors, Veterans, Guard and Reserves as they seek job choices and ultimately, solid careers.  We also assist businesses on Main Street USA to understand why they should hire those with military experience. We team with participants to find a long-term career solution for their career while providing work-life balance options their family.  

Our intensive communications and technology options provide fast, relevant, success-oriented approaches to get Military Members into the workforce and to help their families deal with the changes associated with military transition.

Our training options, coaching, and consulting services are also available to CEO's, HR professionals, and local communities to assist their efforts to recapitalize their workforce and understand the specific cost/benefits of hiring Veterans.


Our Portfolio

We strive to create collaboration and coalitions between the many local and national organizations involved in this arena to further our mission in the communities they call home, the schools that expand their knowledge, and the industry that hires them. Further, the Task Force brings together assessment tools, training and education, life skills, seminars, communications/outreach programs. Our unique and complementary e-publications portray success stories, key issues, and pragmatic solutions that are relevant to today’s military members and their families.

IVET encourages research, training, marketing, collaboration and public awareness of the opportunities and challenges facing our Wounded Warriors, Veterans, National Guard, Reserve and their Families as they transition from their years of selfless service into the ranks of industry, academia, government and our communities.

IVET provides an integrated portfolio of services to assist those with military experience, industry, academia, and local communities to plan and execute their futures together. This effort encourages transitioning military members to join forces with employers, educators, and various providers to launch a profession not just land a job. We mentor and encourage them to complete the required education, focus upon national shortages in geographic areas that need their expertise. This allows them to meet corporate critical shortages and to advance more quickly in their chosen field. We also provide techniques and tools to help them achieve a life-balance of family, relationships, health and professional needs.

IVET Troops emerge as the best employment product on the market with the tools to ensure their physical, mental and financial health.

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VAPP provides cloud-based mobile and web applications with self-service ERP capabilities to intelligently help Service Members, Veterans and their families engage critical services, benefits and resources during life’s transitions.



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